Beginners Guide To Slots

Slot Machine Beginners GuideWhether it is in the casino halls of Las Vegas or amongst the slot tables of an online gaming site the allure of huge slot jackpots is one many thrill seekers cannot ignore. Even new players can walk away with vast sums from the smallest of investments. However, those fresh to the field can be understandably cautious amid the ocean of games and providers. These few simple steps will help disperse the fog of doubt and let the games begin.

Know the field

Even brick-and-mortar slot machines have been subjected to the myth of “hot” and “cold” machines, namely that the longer a slot machine plays without producing a winner the more likely that machine will pay out to a following player. In actual fact, each slot machine is controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG), a computer chip or program which ensures that each slot pull is a random event that creates winners relevant to the payout average of each casino – anywhere between 80% and 98%. Furthermore, slot machines in the UK are regulated by the Gambling Commission, and any casino boasting GC approval can be trusted by wary travellers.

Choose a machine with a high payout percentage

The obvious difference between online slots and brick-and-mortars lies in their names. The vast disparity in overheads between the two mean that online casinos can offer a much higher payout percentage than those of their land-based rivals. While slot providers do not always specifically detail the payout average of each machine, the information is available from forums and review sites.

Ask around

A jackpot in any hall in Vegas always attracts attention, and the lucky winner is usually only too eager to relish the interest. The same is true among online slot players. There are plenty of online forums in which gamers swap tales of jackpots and conquests, bugbears and favourites, and many are located within the bosoms of the slot providers themselves. Reading impartial reviews and speaking to other players are perfect springboards to a bright start on any slots adventure.

Be patient

The beauty of slots lies in their random nature, affording a new player potential success equal to or more than a seasoned veteran. Yet herein lies the rub: there are no guarantees, with the best chance of large winnings coming over a longer period. Ergo a patient strategy is essential. Short-term wins on an enjoyable game will help to bankroll a long-term jackpot aim – precisely why the research detailed above is vital. Following these simple steps and sticking to a pre-set bankroll will ensure that the impetus for venturing into the world of slots is as strong at the end of the tunnel as it is at the start.

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