A Night Out Slot

Review by Frank

At A Glance

  • Developer: Playtech
  • Created: January, 2006
  • Maximum Jackpot: 10,000 Credits
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 20

"Fancy A Night Out? Well, stay in…"

Ah… Sweet irony. So rarely do you show your smug, self-satisfied, face in the world of online gaming. However, there is a feint whiff of the aforementioned with any online slot called ‘A Night Out Slot’.  Although, you could play it on your portable mobile handheld iPaddy/Poddy/Android thing, the chances are that you will be spending the night in playing A Night Out.

So, what can you expect when you sit down and give A Night Out Slot a good spin?  Well, this Playtech slot has five reels, 20 paylines, and  – if there was a ‘smell’ feature on your PC – it would probably smell of celebrity branded perfume.

As the game’s title suggests, the theme is a night out. I’m not entirely sure if it is a girl’s or a boy’s night out. The symbols are all sexy young women and cocktails. The bonus symbol is a cocktail barman and the wild symbol is a pint of lager. It’s a little confusing but all good fun – including the sexy “Ooooo” every time you get a winning combination.

Reaches The Parts

To add to the confusion, the game’s gender bending tendencies are further demonstrated by the fact that five pints is worth more than either five blondes, brunettes, or redheads. Don’t get me wrong: I like my lager and five pints would make me happy but a five-strong line-up of blondes would be my definition of a jackpot.

Beer is indeed the king on the A Good Night slots.  A pint of lager is the game’s wild symbol and should you be lucky enough to line up five, you take home the top prize of 10,000 times your line bet.

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The game also features a scatter symbol which is young lady dancing in the disco lights. Pull three of these boogying babes and your line bet is multiplied and returned by up to 50 times. Night fever indeed.

Grab Your Coat…

The game’s bonus feature is a bit of fun and hints very strongly that the game is meant for the lads and not the ladies. If you manage to hit the bonus barman symbol on reels one and five, the babe-tastic bonus feature starts.

Six sexy ladies are lined up in front of a bar and you have to pick your favourite for the night. Each woman represents a certain number of spins. I picked the redhead who was worth ten free spins. The most valuable date for the evening was the blond who was worth 20 free spins. The others were all less.

Next, you select a drink for your lady.  I took a guess at lager, as it had so much value in the rest of the game. The drink represents your multiplier. Unfortunately, I only got a 3x multiplier. Had I gone for the Margarita, I would have won a 10x multiplier.

So, you’ve got your date and her drink. Now you simply watch as the free spins roll and the pot fills up. All simple stuff and good fun.

In Conclusion

A Night Out Slot  is fun to play. The theming is great. However, the bonus feature is as hard to pull as a good looking blond after you’ve just eaten a large doner kebab.  We set aside a real money budget for every game we play at WhichSlotMachine. Unfortunately. We blew the cash before the bonus kicked in. I continued to free play the game but it took several hundred spins before we saw the game’s bonus feature kick in.

It’s a shame because the bonus round is great fun and can win you a lot of money. Especially, if you pick the right drink (multiplier) for the lady! That aside, the game pays out at the industry average of around 95%. You want A Good Night Out? Stay in and play at two of the worlds best online casinos, play at  Littlewoods Casino and the fantastic Bet365 Casino with a combined total of over £500 in free Casino money.

Betty Says...

Frank may have had to wait for the ladies but I got the bonus round on about my fifth spin. If you like hanging out with some pretty slutty girls, the A Good Night Out online slot is going to press all your buttons. It’s fun to play and definitely worth taking for a quick spin.

It’s no Thunderstruck but any game that keeps flashing pina coladas under my nose is all good by me. Have fun!

Our Ratings

  • Graphics: 85%
  • Playability: 80%
  • Bonus Rounds: 80%
  • Fun Factor: 80%
Overall Score

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