The 100M Cash Dash

Like a festering boil, the 2012 Olympics is set to burst in London this summer and, here at WhichSlotMachine, we couldn’t give a flying fuck.

Nearly 10 billion of our tax pounds have been spent to satisfy an unelected committee that London is up to the job. We’ve built a new stadium that even West Ham don’t want (even if they did it would never be big enough for David Gold’s head) and concreted over some environmentally sensitive land.

The legacy will be a few fading, decaying, buildings in London’s east end that are going to cost us all money for the rest of our lives.  If the fundamentalists don’t blow it up, perhaps the tube strikers will leave the synchronised swimmers stranded on the platform at Bethnal Green station.

However, in keeping with our gold medal goal of tenuously linking current affairs with the vastly more interesting world of online slots, we are taking this opportunity to recommend a couple of games with a vague connection.

On your marks, get set, go…

Break Da Bank Again Slot… It’s one of Microgaming’s most popular slots and a broken bank is what the British Olympic team is most likely to win this year. With a 375,000 coin jackpot, you may be half way to bribing an Olympic official. It’s a great game.

Iron Man 2 Slots… Although based on the popular Marvel character, we think this game perfectly reflects the steroid fueled weightlifters who – hopefully – will delight us all with a live prolapse as they attempt the clean and jerk insane weights. This five reel, £100,000 jackpot online slot is a definite gold medal winner for the Playtech stable.

The Wolf Run Slot may be themed on Indian folklore but – if there is ever an excuse for working on that 100M dash – running from a hungry wolf is the one. With a jackpot in the millions, the Wolf Run online slot machine is a podium topping delight.

Check out our top slots providers as we have teamed up with giants including Sky Vegas to bring you exclusive bonuses and really feckin good action thrilled days!

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