Art of Fart?

Artist Or Taxidermist? You decide.

So… Chainsaw wielding, shark bisector and pickler, Damien Hirst is having a Tony Hart moment at The Tate.  Marvellous.  The merciless butterfly smoosher, with more money that anyone, is displaying his daubings and dissections to an unwashed and befuddled public.

Here at WhichSlotMachine… We fucking love mockney wide boy Hirsty and his diamond encrusted boner. He recently opened an account at InterCasino  – using our exclusive £300 bonus to sign up. We were thrilled to welcome you Damien but you can’t bring that rotted cow’s head in here.

Online slot machines rarely dabble with the world of modern art but  – if we know Damien – and we don’t. There is one game he will be playing tonight. He’ll be playing the game online because just think how long it would take him to shove £80million worth of twenty pence coins in; he’d need to rest a few pints on the top of that fruit machine!

Da Vinci Diamonds online slot and its slightly newer companion Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play Slot are the perfect games for any wannabe art bad boy.  Set in the renaissance and featuring none other than the father of perspective and creator of the Mona Lisa – Leonardo Da Vinci.

Back in the day, art punters and the Brian Sewell of the day would have scoffed at his bizarre use of perspective and realism. All we know is that Mr Da Vinci is responsible for a fabulous five reel slot, with a maximum jackpot of $250,000, available at one of our lovely online slots shops Paddy Power Games.

Hirst would approve – after taking a chainsaw to it – obviously!

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