Lots of Lovely Lobby Lolly

Considerably richer than thou

What a surprise:  donating money to the Conservative Party can influence policy.  Here at WhichSlotMachine, we often break out a bargain bucket with Dave and Samantha in order to guarantee priority access to the inside track on online slots.

It’s a well known fact that Dave loves his slots and looks after his homies. When it comes to policy and legislation – money talks.  On a night in, Dave and Samantha enjoy nothing more than a quiet evening hitting the online slots.

This is what they are playing…

Millionaires Club 3 Slot… Mr Cameron is a fully paid up member of the millionaires club and enjoys spending all that grease money on this fabulous five reel, 20 payline, game. With a progressive jackpot in the millions, it’s all small change and laughs for the Downing Street couple.

Noughty Crosses Slot… It’s no secret that young Samantha is a woman of the people with her ‘keeping it real’ tattoo. The tatted up Tory temptress enjoys spinning Cryptologic’s new game with its uber generous 243 payline payout.

Mega Moolah Slot …After trousering a few more years of corporate bribes and backhanders, Moolah is something our horse riding friend of Murdoch will never need to worry about. Despite this, young Dave enjoys a game or three on Microgaming’s very popular progressive Mega Moolah Slot. It’s paid out millions in jackpot money and never once influenced Government policy. And who said gaming was corrupt…

Who knows maybe Dave will next pretend he is whiter than white and will only play at Virgin Casino…

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