Bon Chance

“Eet is zees way to ze dole office yes?”

Zut alors!  Nous avons un president François nouveau…. Or something like that. Basically, Sarkozy has been kicked in the balls – at least he will have the delightful Carla Bruni to kiss them better.

So a man called Hollande now rules France. Coffee shops and frikandel on the Champs Elysees? Let’s hope so.  Anyway, here at WhichSlotMachine, we care deeply about European politics and the effect and a lurch to the left will have on the fragile Euro zone.

We’ve cobbled together a coalition of online slots and fruit machines that we think our cross Channel cousins will be playing today, as they ponder the future over a bucket of deep fried frogs legs.

Dr Lovemore Online Slot

It doesn’t matter who is pulling the political strings in France, our loved up neighbours are always pulling each other off.  Dr Lovemore is a 20 payline slot starring a doctor whose medical licence hangs in the balance for our online slots gaming amusement.

This GP behaves like a Gaul who’s hungry for gash. The game pays out a maximum of 20,000 times the initial stake. That’s a prescription for good times. Give it a go.

Sushi Express Online Slot

When they’re not busy force-feeding geese, or adding butter and cream to a bowl of salad, there is nothing more the French like to do than stuff their faces.

Sushi Express Slot is a 30 payline online slot that celebrates the art of Japanese grub. This is a tenuous link to the French theme but it’s food – and the French are really good at food. Sushi Express online slot is available at InterCasino and we’ve got an extra bonus from them. Enjoy.

Gonzo’s Quest

To be honest, the only reason we chose this particular online slot is because one of the best things to come out of France is Asterix the Gaul – and Gonzos Quest has got a touch of the Albert Uderzo about it.  The online slot offers state of the art online slots gaming play, as well as a chunky 6,000 coin jackpot. It is tres bon!

So there you have it: three games France will be enjoying this week, as they wake up to the joys of socialist government, political stagnation, and the eventual collapse of the Euro. Watch this space!

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