What Goes Up? Paddy Power’s Profits!

paddy_power_logoIt’s that time of year, people – the end of the tax year when companies announce just how well – or badly – they’ve done. The readers of this blog will know that Paddy Power is one of our favourite casino sites, particularly for the Irish outfit’s slots offering, which is as generous as our favourite little leprechaun.

Whether this positive energy has filtered down to you, the readers, and, as a direct result of our indirect promotion, you have dutifully gamed your way down to Irish town then we are happy to take the plaudits. Even if we’re sure that there will be no bonuses coming our way.

But they will certainly be coming someone’s way: Paddy Power announced this month a 15% surge in pre-tax profits to €139m (around £120m).

This can only mean one thing: that you (and we!), the fans, have been gaming our hearts out over at Paddy Power (well, either it means that we’ve all been gaming 15% more than usual, or that we’ve been gaming the same as usual and the site has attracted 15% more people, or…oh, never mind!).

In fact, Patrick Kennedy (CEO of Paddy Power) puts this increase principally down to the firm’s large share of the mobile gaming market. As the troops on the ground, we can safely say that we have been as impressed with Paddy Power’s mobile offering over the past twelve months, and clearly so has everybody else.

The provider’s chief attraction of new customers has come from mobile gaming and e-games.

Which kind of justifies what we have been saying all year: mobile gaming is the future. We’ve tasted it.

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