Cryptologic Slots

CryptoLogic Inc has been around since the very inception of online gambling and has fast become a world leader in software development. Crypto as we like to call them in the game, has been coveted with a few top online awards for their software excellence. Teaming up with Intercasino to offer a fantastic array of online slots, including the Marvel Slots and the sparkling Bejeweled slot game. Check our featured Cryptologic Slots games below and have fun.

Noughty Crosses

Our Rating: 92%

Love tattoos? Love online slots? Love games where you can win 243 different ways with every spin? Say hello to Noughty Crosses. I love this game so much, I’ve got it tattooed on my forehead.  I met a bloke many moons ago who had a small bumblebee tattooed on each his knees. ‘’Why?’, I asked. ….Read More »

Sushi Express Slot

Our Rating: 91%

Konnichiwa!  The online gaming business is looking east. The Asian market may be hard to penetrate because of laws and regulations but this elegantly sliced piece of gaming software is sure to satisfy a few appetites. The Sushi Express online slots is a fantastic looking game and yet another example of online gaming developers Cryptologic’s ….Read More »

JuJu Jack Slot

Our Rating: 90%

There are literally thousands of online slots available to fans of the fruity, today.  Online casinos and their developers spend countless hours and days coming up with seductive scenarios and themes to tempt you to take their slots for a spin. It’s a thankless task that has resulted in online slots dedicated to the Renaissance, ….Read More »

Call Of Duty 4 Slot

Our Rating: 87.5%

FPS? COD4? What does it all mean? Chances are, if you don’t know these acronyms, this online slot is not for you. FPS stands for ‘first person shooter’ and COD4 stands for ‘Call of Duty 4 – probably the finest FPS ever created. So, in what twisted universe did a game developer decide to marry ….Read More »

Hulk Ultimate Revenge Slot

Our Rating: 84%

If mere revenge is simply not enough, perhaps it’s time you teamed up with Marvel’s angriest mutated scientist and went for ultimate retribution. Hulk – Ultimate Revenge is a scarily-named, but rather fab, online slot from software developers Cryptologic. The five reel, 25 payline game, is the second online slot from Cryptologic dedicated to the ….Read More »

Bejeweled Slot

Our Rating: 83%

The hours, the hours, the hours… Headphones on, boss in eye line, word document minimized, browser discretely open, playing Bejeweled. Like big daddy Tetris and its many siblings (Zuma, Cubis, Blocky, etc.), Bejeweled is a near perfect piece of online procrastination. As a means to waste time in the office, Bejeweled takes some beating.  It’s ….Read More »

Millionaires Club 3 Slot

Our Rating: 80%

Groucho Marx once famously said: “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as a member.” We think even Groucho wouldn’t pass up the chance to join the Millionaires Club. The Millionaires Club III is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot, from online gaming software developers Cryptologic. It’s the third version ….Read More »

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